This message comes with a REAL BIG THANKS TO U! It is thru this site that I have met a truly amazing person, one of the best people so far that i have known. The awesome moments spent with that person could never have happened without your genius mind in creating this site. Though only the gods know when our paths would cross again, I'm feeling all blessed- such incredible times will never be replaced. My friend's gone back home now but the memories will linger. All because of this site Chuck. Thank you very much. Jas
A Hanlingo Story! I always meant to write you about my Hanlingo Story, but i never got off my butt to do it. About a year ago now, when I was first using Hanlingo, I was contacted by a user whose real name is Sunny. Ihave since lost her ID page, but she wanted some language exchange before she started her studies overseas in the Feb of this year. She had planned to go to the Phillipines and then to Australia. Anyway, we met for about a month and she asked me about where she should study in Australia and I said 'Perth' my hometown. Coincidently, a bboy friend of mine from Perth came to visit me in the Jan of this year and I introduced him to Sunny and we went out togther in Seoul. Sunny left in Feb and bypassed Phillipines completely to go to Perth, where she knows my friend Nat (bboy). She also met up with my younger brothers who helped her settle down and get her apartment organized and stuff, she even moved into the same neighbourhood as mine...she lives 5 mins drive from my house in australia! She is having a great time in Perth and is set to come back in Feb or March to apply to be a flight attendant somewhere, but thanks to you, in a round-a-bout type way, my friend Sunny had a friend to watch out for her when she was abroad in Australia studying. Hanlingo is good! I hope you get many other stories like this as time goes on. Chris
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